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Provincial Labour Office Amnatcharoen

Province Map


Map of Amnatcharoen

      Amnat Charoen province border areas are the following.

     Contact North District Elingnkta Yasothon province and district Dontal. Mukdahan Province. 
     Eastern contact with the district and district  Kudkgawpugn  District Ubon Ratchathani. 
     Contact the district south . And District Mewgsamsib. Ubon Ratchathani. 
     Contact with the West District and District Peatigw Elingnkta Yasothon province.


      Terrain. In general, the basin is a small hill any longer to fry until the District of Ubon Chanuman.

      Located high above sea level average average 68 meters (227) feet of soil conditions, generally a sand mold year.

      And some rouge. Are Mekong River is the boundary block. Amnat Charoen province, with Democratic Republic.

     The major rivers flowing through the land sector, including aircraft and aircraft sector Buy.